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by Rick DeWeese

A Sentai Robo Retrospective

16years_robos.jpg - 25482 Bytes Giant Robots! Multi-colored task forces! The most evil villains you'll ever see! And good acting??! Can all of these traits possibly be implemented into one show? Well, in Japan they can, and have been for nearly every year since 1975. Don't let their U.S. incarnation as the Power Rangers fool you, in Japan these shows are actually quite excellent. The word "sentai" roughly translates to "task force". These shows follow a strong pattern, with some variations over the years. This pattern includes the following:

That being said, I want to stress that the focus of this article is on the best part of a sentai series, those great robots - and the toys they spawned - that have aided our heroes for 21 years. The majority of these are in my own collection. Just click on the links below to enter the sensational sentai world!

Special Thanks to Toybox DX for some of the images used in this article.

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1970s - 1980s

1990s - Present

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