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Lava catapult
  • Aln, which released Crystar figures in Italy, produced the Lava Catapult shown above. To my knowledge, this toy was not released in the US.
Battles Set Catapult Set
  • Remco released four accessory/ figure sets: Crystar Warrior Battle Set (above left), Crystal Warrior Catapult set (above right), The Magic of Crystar (below left), and The Spell of the Evil Wizard (below right)
  • Each set includes an exclusive figure
  • The Crystal Warrior Battle set and Crystal Warrior Catapult set each come with a green Crystal Warrior figure. The figure from the Battle set has purple trim; the figure from the Catapult set has dark green trim
  • The Magic of Crystar features a figure similar to Ogeode
  • The Spell of the Evil Wizard includes a figure similar to Zardeth
  • Remco also released the Crystar Castle accessory
The Magic of Crystar The Spell of the Evil Wizard
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