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  • Mego released CHiPs figures, based on the TV show, in 1979
  • Mego released both Jon and Ponch individually and in two-packs (one figure and one cycle)
  • I have heard that LJN acquired the CHiPs liscence in 1982 and produced figures of Jon, Ponch, and the Motorcycle which are identical to the Mego figures, as well as a 4 pack that featured Jon, Ponch, and two cycles. I have not seen any of these LJN sets.
  • Mego also released 8 inch figures of Jon, Ponch, and Sarge , plus an 8-inch-scale cycle
  • Michael Dorn played Officer Jebidiah Turner on CHiPs. A 3-inch figure was later made of Dorn's character Worf, from Star Trek
  • Mego figures were distributed in the U.K. by Ideal
  • The Mego CHiPs figures were distributed in Canada by Grand Toys
  • The Mego CHiPs figures were distributed in Brazil by Glasslite; unlike later Glasslite lines, there does not seem to be any difference between the US and Brazilian figures

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