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C.B. McHaul
Bad Leroy
C.B. McHaul
Jim Oaks
Joe Marconi
Kid Watts
Prof. Braine
Scowling Jack Jones
Sgt. Brown
Speed Johnson
C.B. McHaul Rig

Trooper car
  • Mego released several accessories for the 1977 C.B. McHaul line
  • The C.B. McHaul Rig (shown above) includes the C.B. McHaul figure (not shown)
  • The Trooper Car (shown right) includes Sgt. Brown and Scowling Jack Jones. The car is very similar to the one released later for Dukes of Hazzard
  • Bear Masher (shown below) includes Prof. Braine and Bad Leroy
  • Mego released a C.B. McHaul Truck Stop as a Sears exclusive, and may also have released a Highway Wrecker accessory


Bearmasher with box
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