Movie Masters exclusives (TRU & SDCC)...

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Saw 4 of them at TRU today ($34.99), and it's on their website:
Movie Masters Batman vs Bane

Bane looks better in hand than the photos making the rounds would lead you to believe. He's got sculpted wrinkles on the neck, around his pecs, and he has that scar running down his spine that's been shown in the early pics. But, he needs to be Schumachered (he's got no nipples).

These will probably go on sale around the time of the movie, be in ample supply and may even go to clearance (like the past TRU MM exclusive sets).

Hopefully the eBay speculators are taking a bath on them.

On a related note, what does everyone think of the SDCC Bruce to Batman set. I'm curious to see closer pics and wonder how well that rubber batsuit will hold up with age. Pretty cool packaging and accessories (finally).


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