Any chance Diamond may re-do the Universal Monters they've done already...

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...with the better articulation we're seeing in the newer figures they are showing? One of my first reactions when I got the Munster figures was "why couldn't they make the Universal Monsters like this?!?!" Now I suddenly see the newer figures ARE made like that, with more articulation like Hermy Baby. Problem is, the big guns like Franky, Wolfy, the Creature, etc., are basically plastic statues with a few movable parts. I've wanted a series of fully posable, Marvel Legends/DCUC style figures of the classic UM monsters for years, with Toy Island's oddly proportioned attempt being the closest to what I hoped for. A Franky with Karloff's head and Herman Munster's body design would basically be the near perfect version of the character.

If there was a chance Diamond was going back to do the originals over with the new style, I'd be hard pressed to turn any of these down. But I stopped getting these figures after the Creature because they are statues, and I'm not jumping into these better made characters if the big names are going to stay as they are. Anyone hear anything about a do-over, or even the possibility of such?