Marvel Universe 3 3/4 head swap figures question

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Hey Buzzers,
Recently I wound up purchasing from two dealers in Hong Kong, two Marvel Universe characters, who were 3 3/4 size, the characters had a what I believe is a Norman Osborn head on a Gladiator body, and a Doc Ock head (animated/comic book) on a Chameleon body. You can tell by looking at the figure who's body, or head they are, but because of the neck and head combinations do not match up.

Both sellers had at least 50 of them. So it was not like there was just one of them put together like that. So my question these sellers buy these figures from the factories like this, or do you think they purchase certain heads and body combinations, and then combine them where they sell the figures from.

Regardless, they are soooo cool. I know it is fairly, I use the world fairly easy to pop the heads off of the Marvel Universe figures, and swap them to a different body. I know they are not test shot figures, or maybe they are.

Does anyone one know the answer why these figures are made? Just curious if anyone knows the answer.