Marvel NOW Minimates

Marvel Minimates are In the Now With Two Marvel NOW Assortments!

April 2013 - As if the Marvel Universe couldn't get more exciting than it was, the universe-wide reshuffling known as Marvel NOW has made things even cooler in the MU! Not only are we seeing team-ups we've never seen before, we're seeing brand-new looks for some of the universe's biggest heroes. And Diamond Select is bringing those looks to the Marvel Minimates line!

Diamond Select Toys

Series 51, which is exclusive to comic shops and specialty stores, will include the following two-packs:

- Superior Spider-Man and Nova (Sam Alexander)
- Shanna the She-Devil and a Reaper
- Nick Fury Jr. with Heavy SHIELD Agent (includes Commander Rogers parts)
- Maria Hill with Heavy SHIELD Agent (rare variant)

Diamond Select Toys

Additionally, Toys "R" Us and will dedicate most of their 16th series of Minimates to Marvel NOW, with updated looks for:

- Iron Man and Hulk (with R.O.B.)
- Wolverine and a Reaper
- Captain America and Scarlet Witch
- Phoenix Five Emma Frost and Colossus

Check out the pics, and pre-order the specialty assortment at your local comic shop or favorite online retailer. To find your nearest location, visit! Shipping in June!