January 2013 Fast Food Toys Round-up


January 12, 2013 - The boy's sole fast food foray in December was to Wendy's, where he scored an R-Bot Design Kit and we scored a Toys'R'Us coupon. Disclaimer: we let the coupon expire without using it and the boy hasn't played with the robot very often after it came home. At least the food was good.

It wasn't until I had been doing these round-ups for a few months that I realized how seldom we take the boy to fast food restaurants. It felt more often, but I guess it was not. That's not as eye-opening as keeping track of all your toy spending for a year, but still interesting to me.

Let's see what's out there in restaurants this month!

A quick check of the web sites for the more popular fast food restaurants reveals the following:

- McDonald's has Moshi Monsters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys in their Happy Meals, with Transformers Prime and Hello Kitty shown as the next promotions, arriving on January 25th.

- Wendy's Kids Meals have a "surprise toy" listed, so it sounds like they are cleaning out the backrooms this month. The "Kids Under 3" item is still a board book. "I Spy" toys are shown as coming soon.

- Taco Bell lists "surprise toys" and freely admits that these are "previously featured and favorite toys."

- The Chick-fil-A site lists Mad Libs books as the goodie in their Kid's Meals. The "kids under 3" item appears to be a board book.

- Sonic has four different Peanuts sticker books, with a coupon for $3 off a Peanuts DVD.

- Carl's Jr. and Hardee's have Hotel Transylvania toys, with Rise of the Guardians toys coming in late February.

No changes from last month at these restaurants:

- Burger King has Kidz Bop CDs in their Kids Meals, with Discovery Kids Space coming soon.

- Subway Kids Meals have reusable lunch sacks. The sacks now feature Wreck-It Ralph.

- The Arby's web site shows "Apples to Apples" card decks, with Shape & Solve puzzles coming soon.