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Xena is in good shape for 1999 with a new line of 6" and 12" figures - plus Hercules joins Xena in newly sculpted form with his pal Iolus!

6" Figures - 3rd Series

Xena Warrior Huntress, Hope from "Sacrifice" in transformation with Callisto Warrior Goddess, Xena Conqueror of Nations, Grieving Gabrielle with Hope child

Close-up of Callisto Warrior Goddess

12" Dolls - Series 2

Gabrielle, Xena, Xena, Ares

Showroom Pictures

Hercules resculpted!

12" Herc and Iolus

Herc/Xena 2-Pack


Gabrielle from new Hercules Twin Pack


Xena Warrior Princess

Warlord Xena

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