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The 10" format of Spider-Man toys from ToyBiz are mostly figures seen in the regular 5" scale - just twice the size. However, the 'Biz has also populated this line with a few characters unique to this format. Today, the line is mostly seen at KayBee Toys.
LAST UPDATE: August 2000

Series Figure
1 Hobgoblin
1 Spider-Man
1 Venom
2 Doctor Octopus
2 Lizard
2 Spider-Man
2 Spider-Man
2 Spider-Man-Spider Sense
3 Carnage
3 Kraven
3 Vulture
4 Mysterio
4 Spider Armor Spider-Man
5 Punisher
5 Spider-Man Super Poseable
6 Sensational Spider-Man
6 Spider Armor Spider-Man (blue)
6 Venom (dark blue)
  Black Costume (Super Poseable)
  Green Goblin
  Nick Fury
  Captain Universe Spidey
  Transforming Symbiotic Spidey
  Jungle Hunter Kraven
  Team-Up Spider-Man
  Green Goblin (clear plastic)

Adventure Hero In 1999, an absurd line of 10 inch Spider-Man figures appeared. The Adventure Hero line offered Spidey in a variety of alternate career choices. Originally intended for the European market, this series has made found a home in the US as well. Three series have been produced so far.

Sky-diver Spider-Man
Web Climbing Spider-Man
Deep Sea Spider-Man
Arctic Spider-Man
Ninja Spider-Man
Space Spider-Man
Beach Spider-Man
Fireman Spider-Man
Safari Spider-Man

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