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Wiz Kids

Wiz Kids' much-anticipated Shadowrun series was on display at Toy Fair, although the images and information have an embargo date on them of Monday, February 16th. So please check back on that date for our pictures and info about Shadowrun. Until then, please check the Plan B web site for Shadowrun information.

Creepy Freaks is a new game for 2003, aimed at a younger audience, ages 6 and above. The goal in Creepy Freaks is to "gross out" your opponent. When you turn the combat dial, the entire game piece also turns, and if the piece turns 180 degrees, it has been grossed out and runs away, leaving the game. The starter pack for Creepy Freaks includes a DVD with a cartoon on it as well as instructions, so that players who can't yet read can learn the rules of the game. A nice additional feature on the DVD is a section of clips which show how each character can "attack." (For example, there's a cat who spits hair balls.) Additional pieces will be available in smaller booster packs of just one or two pieces.

Crimson Skies is another new game for 2003. Starter sets include either four planes or two planes and two pilots. If you are using a specific pilot, the luck of the character factors into the gameplay.

Not pictured here is the MechWarrior expansion set, Fire for Effect. This expansion adds artillery to the mix, but with a twist: you fire on one turn, but it doesn't land until your next turn, giving your opponent time to move away. (Of course, then there's the drift factor, so even if they move, they could still be hit...)

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