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Toy Biz: Spider-Man Classics

The 6-inch Spider-Man Classics action figures continue in 2003 with several more series of figures and other toys.

Series 4 of the action figures were in stores at the time of Toy Fair:

Series 5 is due in stores in March 2003:

Series 6 should be in stores in July 2003:

Series 7 should be in stores in September 2003:

Other Spider-Man Classics toys planned for 2003 include three sizes of water guns, a roleplay wearable Web Disk Shooter (shoots 12 disks about 10 feet), the Spider-Man Web Copter (due in July, includes a Spidey figure), the Sky Rider Playset, the Alleyway Playset, and the two Mech Tech Battle Armor figures (Spider-Man and the Green Goblin).

Click on the photographs to see larger versions. Use your browser's "back" button to return to this page.

Super-Poseable Spidey

Scuba Splash Spidey


Manga Spidey


Flip 'N Zap Spidey

Parachute Spidey


Shoot 'N Grab Spidey

Peter Parker Spidey

Peter Parker Spidey

Green Goblin

Green Goblin

Rocket Launch Spidey

Alleyway Playset

Spider-Man Web Cycle

Mech Tech
Battle Armor
Green Goblin

Sky Rider Playset

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