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Toy Biz: Hulk

The Hulk toy gaining the most interest in the toy aisles before the film opens in June 2003 is the Hulk Hands. These are "over-sized padded gloves with electronic smashing sounds" - roleplay toys for kids. The suggested retail on the Hulk Hands is $19.99 USD.

Several action figures in the Hulk section of the Toy Biz showroom were under wraps with no photography allowed. We refer to these below as "mystery figures."

Series One (read the RTM Spotlight) shipped to stores in late 2002, and consists of:

Series Two is due in stores in March 2003, and is:

Series Three is due in stores in August 2003, and is:

Series Four is due in stores in September 2003, and is:

More Hulk movie toys:

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voice changer

Stretch 'N Roar

Bruce Banner

containment unit

Rage 'N Roar

Twist 'N Slam

Twist 'N Slam

Rampaging Hulk

Throwing Hulk

Rapid Punch Hulk

Catapulting Hulk

Catapulting Hulk

Smash & Scream

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