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Palisades Toys: Muppets

The Muppets action figures continue in 2003! Palisades had concept art on display for a Jim Henson action figure, which would come with a banjo and a Kermit puppet.

The Koozebane Kermit (trenchcoat/reporter Kermit) and Patrol Bear Fozzie may possibly be a retailer exclusive (for six months, then other stores may carry it), but those plans could change and the two figures could be rolled into Series Seven rather than being exclusives.

The exclusive Muppets action figures for 2003 were on display: Tuxedo Beaker & Honeydew for Wizard World Chicago, Vaudville Statler & Waldorf for the Chicago Wizard World Convention, the Culinary Catastrophe Swedish Chef for the San Diego Comic Con. (The three lobsters included with the Swedish Chef will have bendy claws.) The "Tour Animal" will be available at every convention Palisades attends. The pricing on these exclusives will vary depending on the set, since some are two-packs and others are single figures.

On the Swine Trek playset, the sides will swing/open out to expand the play area, the doors will open, and the view screen will have several (5 or 6) different scenes which can be "shown" on the screen. The monitors were added to give a bit of extra value to the playset. They can be removed, and all the levers on the control panels can be moved.

Series 5 will be Gonzo and Camilla, Janice, the Muppet newsman, and Pepe. Series 6 is Statler, Waldorf, Beauregard, and Clifford. The action figures on display are not to scale with each other. The final products will be to scale.

The PVC sets will probably have a different line-up than the ones shown. (None of the figures will be different from those shown, they might just be grouped differently in the packages.)

The Muppet Christmas Carol PVC sets will feature Fozzie, who was not shown. The Waldorf & Statler PVCs will both be in semi-clear blue plastic with paint detail over the top, the same paint detail as will be used on the ice underneath the Penguin.

Want more pictures of Muppets action figures? Please see our other page of Muppets pictures.

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