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Polly Pocket & misc Girls Toys

Mattel's line of Disney Princess dolls for 2003 is the Fantasy Fashions line. Cinderella, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty each have outfits which can easily be switched around to create new looks, and each doll comes with a throne which can transform into a vanity with a secret drawer. The Fantasy Fashions dolls will be available in May 2003 for about $19.99 USD each.

The Polly Pocket line "expands" in 2003 with the new Stretchable Polly dolls - they are stretchy, smaller, and have magnetic hands and feet. The main playset for the Stretchable Polly dolls is the Hangin' Out House (due out in June 2003, with a suggested retail of $24.99 USD), with a smaller playsets sold separately: the Treetop Clubhouse (due out in June 2003, about $14.99). The Clubhouse can be expanded with PollyPlace Additions, also due out in June 2003, for about $9.99 each: the Dip 'N Dive Pool and the Gameroom Garage. (The playsets are also magnetic, so that the dolls can be placed anywhere on them, even on the ceilings.)

The regular-sized Fashion Polly line continues, with two new playsets in 2003: the Groovy Getaway Jet (due out in May 2003, with a price tag of around $14.99) and the Designer Mall (due out in June 2003, for about $24.99).

The What's Her Face dolls get an update for 2003 in the form of new ways to customize the faces... the dolls have face masks that can snap on and off, as well as different colors of eyes. Press the button and change the eye color. These Fab Faces dolls are due out in Junly 2003 with a suggested retail of about $17.99.

What's Her Baby (not shown below) are an extension of the What's Her Face line - they are smaller dolls with a smaller price tag (about $9.99). Look for the Stylin Steps doll in July 2003, with Kissy Face and Pixie-Do in November 2003.

The 2003 Diva Starz dolls feature lips which light up when they talk, and new phrases, depending on whether the sunglasses are flipped up or down. The new Glitter to Glam Diva Starz dolls are due out in stores in August 2003 with a retail price of around $19.99.

Shannen trades in her skateboard for skates and a plush dog, Scooch. Shannen can walk Scooch, or be pulled behind him via the leash. Scooch can also be used as an r/c toy. This duo will be released in July 2003 for about $39.99.

The Little Mommy baby dolls are aimed at a slightly-younger age group, the 18 months to 2 years ages. These dolls come with Fisher-Price toys scaled to the baby dolls. The basic doll is about $12.99 and will be available in May 2003. Accessories will include a tricycle ($12.99, January 2003), a baby care center ($24.99, May 2003), and a stroller ($12.99, May 2003).

The Miracle Moves Baby doll for 2003 has a "drink and wet" feature, sounds and movements. The regular-sized doll retails for about $49.99, while a smaller version, the Mini Miracle Baby, will have fewer features and will retail for about $9.99. A nursery playset will be available for the Mini Miracle Baby (in May 2003), while accessories for the regular Miracle Moves Baby will include a diaper bag, Bunny Buggy, and fashion packs (all available in May 2003).

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Diva Starz

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What's Her Face

What's Her Face

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Polly Pocket

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