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Tampa, FL - (February 1, 2003) - BAM! R&R Games gives game players a super-sized dose of fun with TOO MANY COOKS, a hot new card game that is debuting at Toy Fair 2003, according to "Lead Chef" and President of R&R, Frank DiLorenzo.

TOO MANY COOKS is the latest in the line of great games from R&R Games, a company "on a roll" when it comes to original new games. Serving up another course of food themed fun, TOO MANY COOKS ($12.95, for ages 10 & up) follows the R&R recipe of combining a unique card game concept and sizzling graphics for an evening of homemade entertainment.

DiLorenzo said, "TOO MANY COOKS stirs up a lot of fun and laughs for players of all ages. It is such a thrill to mix a great concept and game experience into a good time for so many people."

In TOO MANY COOKS, each player (chef) is in a cook-off to secretly prepare a specialty soup. Competition in the kitchen boils over as everyone tries to whip up a different soup in the same pot. Each chef tries to be the first to complete the soup by playing enough cards to fill the pot and win the coveted gourmet stars. The more your soup tastes like your recipe, the more stars you collect! Remember, too many cooks can spoil the soup… but a hot chili pepper can ruin the whole pot!

"TOO MANY COOKS expands our collection of card games adding more 'flavor' to our product line. Early reaction from buyers and focus groups has TOO MANY COOKS simmering for success when it is released to consumers later this year," DiLorenzo explained. "Each year surpasses the last as the R&R Games line of game grows. For the last two years, we've grown exponentially by sticking to our philosophy of only the highest quality products and all-new entries into the game market."

Last year, R&R Games launched TIN SOLDIERS card game and hogged toy aisles with the introduction of its runaway hit card game, PIG PILE , and the fast-paced party game, TIME'S UP! , the two most successful products ever launched by R&R Games. Add to that, R&R's cornerstone RIDDLES & RICHES , SOLD! and OVERTHRONE games, expansion decks for RIDDLES and TIME'S UP!, the company has built a healthy stock of great games, from treasure hunts and antiques to multiple personalities and fighting food.

Based in Tampa, Florida, R&R Games, Inc., established in 1996, was founded on Frank DiLorenzo's dream and commitment to offer challenging fun to people through original gaming products. His idea to provide a treasure hunt scenario that could be played in any home spawned RIDDLES & RICHES, the company's premier product. From the start, R&R stuck to DiLorenzo's strict philosophy of designing and marketing high-quality and innovative games, and plans continue for the company to introduce at least one or two new products, or product line extensions, per year.

In addition, the company is further developing its R&R Games' Treasure Hunt subsidiary, a division that creates live, custom-made treasure hunts for cruise lines, hotels, resorts and other appropriate forums.

R&R Games is quickly establishing itself as a recognized leader in the gaming industry. PIG PILE landed on The San Francisco Chronicle "Top 10 List for 2001", received a 3.5 out of 4 star rating from Games Retailer Magazine, and joined TIME'S UP!, OVERTHRONE and SOLD! on the annual Games Magazine "Top 100 List." TIME'S UP! also ranked #2 on The Chronicle's Best of 2000 List and received the MENSA Select Honor for 2000.

The company is gaining the respect of top toy companies, buyers, executives, retailers and the general public, as well as acquiring a role model "success story" status for young, small toy companies, entrepreneurs and game inventors. For further information on R&R Games, please check out the company website at or call the company customer information number at 1-888-8RIDDLE.

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