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With cool sports offerings and a new generation of blasters, 2003 is poised to be a great year for Hasbro's NERF brand. With the all-new BIG PLAY FOOTBALL boys can actually draw game plays on "the action screen"TM built into the ball. And, the popular NEFF ball blaster line gets powered up with the introduction of RAPID FIRE BALLZOOKA and NERF slingshot. In addition, boys can practice their marksmanship with the TECH TARGET set.

And 2003 also brings more exciting news, as the NERF brand builds on its relationship with the NFL by introducing its line of NFL team footballs.

The 2003 NERF line includes:


BIG PLAY FOOTBALL This new NERF football brings sandlot football wherever kids play. Built into the BIG PLAY FOOTBALL is a secret panel that lifts up to reveal a hidden "action screen"TM so kids can draw plays using only their finger, safe from sight of the defense. Kids can draw up their own play or choose one that is provided. To erase the play, simply lift up the screen. (Available: Fall 2003; Approximate retail price: $9.99)

NERF Ultra Grip Basketball With the cool ultra grip texture that made the Ultra Grip Football so popular, kids can dribble, shoot, pass, and dunk like a pro. The NERF Ultra Grip Basketball will also have a "dimple" that will let kids spin the ball on their finger -- just like the pros.(Available: Fall 2003; Approximate retail price: $9.99)

PEYTON MANNING GYRO VORTEX This new Vortex football is one of the farthest throwing Vortex balls ever! The placement of the gyro ring gives this ball the weight and balance to become the longest throwing Vortex ever. (Available: Spring 2003; Approximate retail price: $9.99)

NERFOOP The classic Nerfoop is updated seasonally with four new, hip backboard graphics and cool new looks for the balls. (Available: Now; Approximate retail price: $4.99)

NFL Team Footballs The new collectible NFL Team Balls feature a proprietary 360-degree GraphixWrapTM , done continuously over the seams of the football. For the fall, six team balls will be available (Dallas Cowboys, SF 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers). (Available: Fall 2003; Approximate retail price: $7.99)

MIKE PIAZZA THUNDER FX BAT A great professional look with a cool "thunderous" sound created by swinging the bat. Comes with a VORTEX ball so kids can practice their home run swing. (Available: Spring 2003; Approximate retail price: $9.99)


RAPID FIRE BALLZOOKA The next generation of ball blasters, the Rapid Fire Ballzooka is the biggest, baddest ball blaster there is. By simply cranking the handle, kids can fire off six NERF balls in rapid succession. (Available: Fall 2003; Approximate retail price: $14.99)

NERF SLING SHOT Features a really cool design and is easy for kids to carry. By simply pulling back on the band, kids can rapidly shoot off two NERF balls. (Available: Fall 2003; Approximate retail price: $4.99)

NERF TECH TARGET SET Kids get to test their marksmanship thanks to a special scoring mechanism and electronic sounds when the dart hits the target. Kids will love competing with their friends ... the NERF TECH TARGET SET has four different, challenging games, including "best score" and "stop the noise." Comes with one blaster and four darts. (Available: Fall 2003; Approximate retail price: 14.99)

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