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Hasbro: NAKNAK


Hear the clicks -- Feel the need to collect and stack -- Compete in a building and balancing act! The hottest new way to play is here -- the vertical, clickable world of Hasbro, Inc.'s NAKNAK.

NAKNAK, the first ever STACKING BATTLE figures, combines creativity, coordination, competition, collectibility and coolness into one great brand. NAKNAK is a world of cool collectible, stackable figures with names like GROOVYNAK, CHILLYNAK, ZO'NAK and GRUNTNAK figures. Kids' creativity will shine through while competing with others in captivating stacking contests called "NAKNAK Challenges," or engaging in a solo stacking challenge.

NAKNAK figures have a distinctive clicking sound that is sure to make NAKNAK a household sound as well as a household word. Each NAKNAK character can be posed into 80 different positions and belongs to groups called NAKNAK CLIKS, such as ROBO-NAKS, HUMANAKS, ALIENAKS figures and more. Hasbro will introduce more than 90 different NAKNAK figures throughout 2003, with each NAKNAK CLIK bringing new sculpts and designs that give kids additional stacking options and new challenges.

How many NAKNAK figures can you stack? NAKNAK Challenges are very captivating on your own or against one or more opponents. Players roll the NAKNAK Challenge Dice to direct the pose and location during a players' turn. The NAKNAK STACKER die tells the player where to place a figure -- on top of the stack, or on the ground (playing surface). The NAKNAK NAKITUDE die tells the player how to pose the figure on the stack or ground -- by "hand," "foot," or "wild," which is the player's choice. If a player knocks the stack over, that player loses his figure to the opponent. The players take back their figures, and another round begins. The object, to have the most NAKNAK figures left at the end of the challenge, is accomplished by creative clicking and stacking and a steady hand that doesn't knock the stack over!

To help kids learn about this awesome new way to play, Hasbro will take the NAKNAK craze on the road in the spring, with special events in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Orlando. Kids in those cities won't want to miss this chance showcase their stacking abilities and get free NAKNAK samples and goodies.

NAKNAK figures are now available where Hasbro toys and games are sold. A range of NAKNAK items will also be available such as a carrying case, play sets, an Ultimate Stacking Competition set and NAK-CESSORIES so kids can find new ways to collect, stack and challenge. In 2003, kids everywhere will GET THE NAK TO STACK with Hasbro's NAKNAK lineup:

NAKNAK 5-PACK (Approximate retail price: $6.99) Each 5-Pack of NAKNAK STACKING BATTLE action figures comes with a set of NAKNAK Challenge Dice and a handbook. The first wave includes 30 figures in these six NAKNAK CLIKS: TRIBANAKS, CAMO-NAKS, HUMANAKS, ALIENAKS, ARTZNAKS, and ROBONAKS figures. New NAKNAK CLIKS and figures will be available throughout 2003.

NAKNAK PLAY-SETS (Approximate retail price: $14.99) Providing additional challenging playing surfaces, three NAKNAK play sets will be available starting in January: The NAKNAK WAVEROCKER STACKING PLATFORM, this colorful, electronic, curved base increases the challenge by rocking side-to-side while players take turns stacking their figures on it. A special holographic NAKNAK figure is included. Requires three "AA" batteries (not included). A second version with different colors will follow. The NAKNAK Climbing Wall is a reconstructable stacking wall that can be put in many different configurations for ultimate stacking challenges.

NAKNAK NAK-TO-NAK STACKING PLAYSET (Approximate retail price: $24.99) Just when kids think they've mastered the NAKNAK Challenge over the summer, this head to head battle is the ultimate NAK-to-NAK competition, Each player constructs their side of the play-set in their own, unique way. Within a limited time frame the NAKNAK stackers take turns adding a figure. Use your best NAKITUDE -- if you knock over the stack or one figure, you lose the last figure placed. Available at retail in July.

NAKNAK CASE PLAY-SET WITH 5 FIGURES (Approximate retail price: $14.99) As kids build up their NAKNAK figure collection, they'll want this carrying case play-set so they can go anywhere with their NAKNAK figure collection to trade or set up a NAKNAK Stacking Battle challenge. The case holds up to 30 NAKNAK figures with all kinds of side and top hooks that also double as a stacking play-set. Available in May.

NAKNAK STUNT STACKER PACKS (Approximate retail price: $3.50) Use these NAK-CESSORIES to enhance to fun and challenge in all of stacking competitions. Available in March: LO'NAK figure with Snowboard and Gloves, BUZZYNAK figure with Roller Skates and Headset, SPECTRANAK figure with Skateboard and Crazy Hair, HOLO-HUMANAK with Scooter and Helmet. Others will be available in the fall.

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