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Hasbro: Loogeez

TIGER BRINGS LOOGEEZ CHARACTERS TO LIFE IN 2003 - Compound with Embedded Electrodes Brings Wacky, Interactive Fun to Action Figures

With character names like MALCOLM McKRUDDY and PIERRE DA PUQUE that speak kids' language, all-new LOOGEEZ figures, from Hasbro's Tiger Electronics brand, are the first interactive, electronic action figures in the compound category. LOOGEEZ are wacky, comical characters with unique and outrageous personalities.

LOOGEEZ characters react with LOOOG (compound) via electrodes embedded in the compound. Just cover them in LOOOG to unleash their wild personalities! LOOGEEZ also react to having their arms pulled or being shaken. The more you shake them, the crazier the response until they go into complete and hilarious overload. Each character features funny phrases, wild sound effects and crazy light patterns that are activated by covering them in their own special LOOOG compound.

The 2003 LOOGEEZ line includes:

LOOGEEZ CHARACTER ASSORTMENT - LOOGEEZ characters each have a unique, colorful personality that's activated by a special LOOOG compound. Each character features sound effects, light patterns, and contains lots of humorous speech. Characters also react to having their arms pulled or being shaken. Each comes complete with 3.5 ounces of LOOOG compound. The initial assortment includes five characters: MALCOLM McKRUDDY, LORD SNOTTINGHAM, CLYDE Q. CRAZY, MORTY FIED and PIERRE DA PUQUE. LOUD MOUTH LARRY will be added to the assortment in the future. (Availability: December 2003; Approximate retail price: $9.99)

LOOGEEZ LOOOG ASSORTMENT - LOOOG compound comes in neo-florescent colors that match the first assortment of characters -- red, blue, green, purple, orange and yellow. LOOOG comes in a collectible container and includes a playmat with cool graphics. (Availability: December 2003; Approximate retail price: $4.99)

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