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Diamond Select Toys:
Busts and Statues

Diamond Select is continuing the line of busts in 2003. The Ultimate line of busts will continue with Nick Fury in April and Thor in May. The Ultimate Doctor Octopus will join the line this fall.

The Marvel Universe line of busts that already has the Punisher and Daredevil will grow to include the new Black Widow in April, the Hulk in May, Dr Doom in June and Elektra some time after that. The Doom bust has been scaled to complement the set of Fantastic Four busts created by Bowen Designs. The New X-Men Wolverine bust is due in April and both the Hulk and Wolverine busts will have exclusive versions at Tower Records. A new X-Men Phoenix bust will eventually join Wolverine, and an Ultimate Nightcrawler bust is in the works.

The set of Fantastic Four bookends are due in March.

The Silver Age X-Men line of medium statues will continue with Marvel Girl in April and Iceman in June. There is also a companion piece with the classic Silver Age Magneto that is sculpted and designed to be displayed with the other X-Men statues. A release date hasn't been set for Magneto yet, though a tentative date is roughly August.

The Avengers and Adversaries line of statues continues with the Vision and Ultron (Vision is April and Ultron in June). There is also the Scarlet Witch statue due in August and her adversary will be her brother (and part-time Evil Mutant) Quicksilver.

The full size line of statues (based on a 12 inch equals six feet scale) will continue as well. This line is a collaboration between Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys. The first statue was the Death of Captain Marvel, followed by Weapon X in April. The Weapon X statue has a bloody wolf's head on the base in a piece that is removable in case you find it is too gross or would rather hide that piece elsewhere to scare family members. After that will be the Hulk and Thanos in May, and Thanos has two left hands so you can have him snapping his fingers (to destroy half the Marvel Universe) or just a closed hand. After that is a pair of beauties, namely two of the three most important women in Peter Parker's life. Those two are Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson, and both statues will be out in June. They share the same basic body with different heads and paint. BTW, Aunt May is the number one lady in Peter's life.

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Silver Age X-Men

Marvel Girl
& Iceman

Silver Age Magneto

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four

Doctor Doom

Hulk bust

Punisher bust

New X-Men
Wolverine bust

Ulitmate Nick Fury

Black Widow


Ultimate Thor bust

Dock Ock bust

Daredevil bust

Ultron statue

Vision statue

Scarlet Witch statue

Hulk statue

Thanos statue

extra hand
for Thanos

Gwen Stacy statue

Mary Jane statue

Weapon X

Weapon X
with base separated

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