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bbi: 1:6th Scale

bbi's 1:6th scale Elite Force action figures for 2003 will continue to highlight various military special forces units.

A notable addition to the series is the 1:6th scale Zodiac raft. It is inflatable and will include one action figure and a waterproof gear bag for any weapons which your action figures might require. The motor on the back of the raft is not a working motor. Expect to see the Zodiac released in July 2003 with a retail price range of about $80 USD.

The WWII series will feature several units which were used in Northern Africa, including the German Afrika Corps DAK, mountain troops, and fighter pilots, and the Afrika British SAS, Commandos, and fighter pilots. Carded gear sets (including parachute sets, tank traps, sand bags, barbed wire) will be released. The parachute sets are in response to collector concerns about previous figures (Luftwaffe and RAF pilots) being released without a parachute, although the parachutes had been left out to meet a certain retail price point.

A new US pilot from the WWII era is the F-86 Sabre Pilot, made in the likeness of Col. Walker "Bud" Mahurin.

The Japanese F-15J pilot action figure and cockpit replica are two items which will be released mostly in Japan. A small amount will be released in other markets such as the US, so be sure to inquire at your favorite bbi retailer if you are interested in them.

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Zodiac raft

Zodiac raft

WWII gear set

diorama made
using gear sets

Japanese F-15J pilot

F-15C Cockpit

F-15C Cockpit

F-15C Cockpit

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