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Mattel subsidiary Fisher-Price continues it's popular Rescue Heroes lineup in 2000 with a variety of new releases, most of which are new versions of previously released characters.

Rescue Heroes Voice Tech Figures feature four stars from the Rescue Heroes TV show, Billy Blazes, Jack Hammer, Jake Justice and Wendy Waters. Each figure comes with an interchangeable, light up backpack that allows them to say hundreds of rescue phrases in their actual voice from the animated series. Press the button on Billy's backpack to hear phrases like, "Billy Blazes here, send backup!"

The Voice Tech figures are outfitted in high-tech rescue uniforms and feature handheld rescue tools tethered to their backpacks.

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Rescue Heroes Night Squad and Metal Crew (below) features the crew of 12 Rescue Hero quick-response specialists that are cooler than ever! Half the crew, known as the Night Squad, feature glow-in-the-dark colors. The other squad, the Metal Crew, carry cool vac-metallized tools on their equipment packs. Interchangeable equipment packs make each hero ready for rescue operations anytime, anywhere.

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