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Frank Kozik x outsmART originals NYCC Exclusives

Frank Kozik x outsmart originals NYCC Exclusives

October 2013 - ...and now for something completely different...

Expect the unexpected at NYCC this week, like these two new KOZIK limited edition exclusive t-shirts... that's right, original designs by the one and only Frank Kozik.

Outsmart Originals is grabbing on to this opportunity to release some unique and different designs by the Smorkin' Artist that are a must for Kozik collectors. From the Dead Cosmonaut (who will be joined by fellow explorers in the future) to the Day of the Dead Animal series starting with Los Gatos. Each shirt is screen printed on ultra cotton tees for both men and women and includes a sleeve screen as well - two great October themes from one great artist - these limited t-shirts are now available now and can be ordered online or picked up at the outsmart originals Booth #208 during NYCC.


outsmART originals: 6 More NYCC Exclusives

outsmart originals - NYCC Exclusive Releases

October 2013 - OUTSMART ORIGINALS goes all in with six more NYCC Exclusives from big names from across the globe. Each and every tee is strictly limited and screen printed on ultra cotton tees for a classic fit and available for both men and women.

Starting with a new release from JC Rivera based on his original 4" resin creation - here is what BearChamp would look like as a real bear.

Next up is our first release from SEKURE D - a whimsical design created as a monotone release, a slight departure from the colorful world of SEKURE D, this is a must for any collector.

outsmART originals RSIN NYCC Exclusive Collection

RSIN NYCC Exclusive Collection from outsmart originals

October 2013 - We're back again with another fantastic RSIN design, the Star Whisper and for NYCC we've decided to go all out and offer more than just a t-shirt. Introducing the latest RSIN Collection featuring a new FLEX FIT 3D Embroidered Skull Logo Cap, Star Whisper T-Shirt, Pull-Over Hoodie and Dickies 1574 Workshirt. Each of these releases are extremely limited and will debut during NYCC in the outsmart originals booth, #208.

All items are also available for order at http://outsmartoriginals.storenvy.com/

See you at the show!

outsmART originals NYCC Exclusives


October 2013 - OUTSMART ORIGINALS is thrilled to announce a top secret plan to dominate NYCC with the arrival of PROJECT: EVIL APE. Using MCA's iconic character, we have gathered talented artists from across the globe to explore and present their interpretations as limited edition t-shirt releases. Including an all new design from MCA, perfect for the Halloween season, the DEVIL APE is followed by different incarnations designed by Sergio Mancini, Scott Tolleson, Oliver Hibert, Lamour Supreme and Evoker.

Machine Type AW177-001 T-shirt by Allen Wen

Machine Type AW177-001 T-shirt by Allen Wen from outsmART originals

September 2013 - The time has come. Evolution takes its next step and introduces us to Machine Type AW177-OO1 - the latest design creation from Allen Wen (creator of the sold out Year of the Snake t-shirt design).

Highly advanced and made for high performance and long lasting battle, the Machine Type AW177-OO1 is meticulous in its design. Detailed beyond belief, this machine is ready for any challenge.

Screen printed on ultra cotton t-shirts for the classic t-shirt fit and feel and long lasting durability. For both men and women, this tee is not to be missed.

ADVANCE PRESOLICITATION - Shirts are made to order on a limited edition basis. We cannot guarantee availability once the presolicitation period window closes. Best advice - Pre-order Today - Just $25.00... stay tuned for news about this design being released as a limited edition print...


Zukie Wear: Fall Collection from outsmART originals

'Zukie Wear' - the fall collection from outsmart originals

September 2013 - Zukie Graphitti by Miss Zukie (Alison Perez)

Zukies are mysterious characters that do not talk; they have thought bubbles and facial expressions. Zukies are about color. Nonverbal behavior increases the bond between people and is an intimate way of communicating with each other. Zukies intend to generate emotions through their visual thoughts and thats how they create that bond with us.

Preorder one today and snag the first in a series of 'Zukie Wear' t-shirts. Screen printed on ultra cotton and soft style tees for superior comfort, fit and construction. Available for both men and women on Black or White t-shirts!



OutsmART Originals Labor Day Sale: 50% Off Everything

50% OFF EVERYTHING - outsmART originals labor day sale

August 2013 - That's right, 50% OFF EVERYTHING at http://outsmartoriginals.storenvy.com through 9-2-13! Save big on big names like RSIN, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Carson Catlin, JC Rivera, Emilo Garcia, Sergio Mancini, Scott Tolleson and so many more. Discount taken at checkout - no codes, no coupons, no work, just big savings! So load up now while supplies last and help us make room for the new fall fashion items coming soon!

August Heats Up With RSIN Releases from OutsmART Originals

July 2013 - August Heats Up With RSIN Releases from OutsmART Originals

Back by popular demand is one of our best sellers, RSIN'S Crown Design T-Shirt. This time we're screen-printing it on ultra cotton Charcoal colored t-shirts for that classic tee fit! Guaranteed to ship on August 9th, these bad boys will get you through the rest of summer in style, but that's not it... we've got more RSIN awesomeness for you...

Come snag the first RSIN SKULL LOGO FlexFit cap and cover that dome in art. Outsmart Originals is proud to release the first in a series of embroidered FlexFit Artist Caps starting with RSIN's iconic skull logo. Available on Black Caps and also guaranteed to ship on August 9th... but wait, there's more...

outsmART originals: 20% Off Everything Sale

July 2013 - outsmart originals: 20% OFF EVERYTHING SALE

Can't make it to San Diego next week? Looking for some sweet artist's releases? Well here's a little something to pass the time with while adding to your favorite artist collection - 20% OFF EVERYTHING SALE!

Use coupon code HOMEBOUND at checkout for receive your discount. Offer is good on all outsmart originals products and run through July 21st - no limits!

So while you might not be able to hob-knob with celebrities, stand in line for hours or pay $20 for a slice of pizza and a soda - outsmart originals has got you covered with some great summer time releases from your favorite artists like Jon-Paul Kaiser, Fuller Designs, JC Rivera, Pocket Wookie, DGPH, Igor Ventura and many more!


JC Rivera's AT-HOME Limited Edition Print

July 2013 - JC Rivera's AT-HOME Limited Edition Print - WIP

OutsmArt Originals is thrilled to give everyone a look inside the production of our first limited edition hand screened print with this short video now up on YOU TUBE (http://youtu.be/ikoZVZJHu7c). JC Rivera's AT-HOME artwork is being recreated as an 18" x 24" screened print which is limited to only 50 prints. Over half have already been pre-ordered by fans and as we finish the printing, the prints will then travel to the artist to be hand signed and numbered and then shipped out to the lucky collectors.

Available by itself for only $20.00 - or as part of a combo set with Tribal Trooper t-shirt for $40 - this will be the first of many artist prints to come from OutsmART Originals.

Order yours here: http://outsmartoriginals.storenvy.com/products/1728089-at-home-limited-e...

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