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Version 3.0

My intention for creating
this "guide" is to try and give
new collectors a tool to aid
them in their ever growing
search for knowledge of this
hobby. So, what you read
within these pages should
not be considered as the
"be all-end all" for
action figure collecting.

It's just one man's ramblings
about what I've learned over
the years which you may or
may not find helpful.

But if there's one thing I've
learned, being well informed
pays off in a major way!

Welcome to the

After spending what seemed
to be almost an eternity
scouring the net, I still had
yet to come across a web page
or site that covered most of
the basics of what the novice
action figure collector needs
to know before diving
head-first into this rather
large and unforgiving hobby.

Updated 8/3/98

Now, with the supportive
help of Eric G. Myers
and the rest of the gang at
the Raving Toy Maniac,
this site rests along side
other excellent sources of
collecting information in
an attempt to shed yet even
more light upon this all too
interesting subject!

And although I have tried to
include just about all aspects
of the hobby throughout these
pages, it's almost impossible
for one person to think of
every last single detail...
So PLEASE, feel free to add
your input... thanks :)

Please browse through the listings below which were designed to help
you make sense of the crazy world we all know as action figure collecting.

The 10 rules
of acquisition

My views on the beliefs
one must possess to
keep this hobby alive
and fun for everyone
Upkeep tips by the
Prince of Pristine

A step-by-step guide
for keeping the sands of
time away from just about
any action figure you own
Point and shoot...
the camera that is

A few tips on how to get
the most out of your
action figures when you
need them on film
Collector's crash
course - part 1

A brief history of how
action figures came to
be and how they have
evolved over the years

Geek speak for
the toy freak

Look here if you were
wondering what all that
weird "collector lingo"
means "in English"
Collector's crash
course - part 2

Everything you wanted
to know about most of
the different types of
modern action figures
Terrific toy
tracking tactics

Some of the most popular,
creative, and even helpful
strategies used in toy-
hunting these days
Who's afraid of the

The basic facts (as I see it)
of what scalping is, how it
effects you, and the steps
you can take to confront it!

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