MGA Announces Novi Stars

MGA Announces Novi Stars

MGA Entertainment in Partnership with Justice Reveals Stellar New Brand Novi Stars™

Earth Landing: August 2012

LAS VEGAS, June 13, 2012 -- International Licensing Expo -- What on Earth is Going On?! Award-winning toy manufacturer MGA Entertainment, makers of the hit toy franchises Bratz®, Lalaloopsy™ and Little Tikes®, in partnership with Justice, the hottest destination for tween apparel, accessories and lifestyle products, announces the terrestrial landing of Novi Stars™. Available at Justice stores and major retailers beginning August 2012, Novi Stars™ is a new girls property and cosmic branded entertainment that combines outrageous, other-worldly adventure with cutting edge toy features never before seen in doll play. Filled with rich relatable storylines and humorous character content, the Novi Stars™ are on a galactic mission to meet new friends, try new things and find out what on Earth is going on?!

MGA invites you to meet the Novi Stars™: Alie Lectric™ is extremely bright and lights up in multiple cosmic colors; Una Verse™ is a definite diva with a body filled with glitter and water; Mae Tallick™ is a huge superstar with a metallic body who speaks cosmic phrases in a robot-like voice, and Ari Roma™ is super sweet with her own bubble-gum scented atmosphere and removable bubble helmet. Each doll comes with a pet, a glow-in-the dark doll stand and a package handle that becomes an antenna headband for the girl. Suitable for girls six years and older, Novi Stars™ are priced at $19.99 each.

The Novi Stars™ website, launches mid-June and offers an interactive platform featuring out of this world activities girls are sure to enjoy. Visitors can learn about Novi Stars™ through bio pages, daily blog posts and video blog webisodes that capture the adventures and experiences of the Novi Stars™ on planet Earth. The first Novi Stars™ video blog will be released in June and the series will run through the end of December 2012.

MGA has teamed with Justice stores nationwide as a key launch partner for the Novi Stars™ brand with an exclusive full-fledged 360 degree marketing campaign that includes online, print media and in-store exposure. Justice will carry the line of Novi Stars™ dolls and accessories and will unveil an exclusive line of cosmic Novi Stars™ apparel. Justice will support the launch of Novi Stars™ by featuring Novi Stars™ and the Novi Stars™ webisodes on the Tween Network in-store media screens, brand ads, in the Justice Catazine and on the Justice website,