Does anyone here have friends/loved ones in the Military that collect GI Joes/toys?

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Since my Lodge lets me down on a regular basis, I decided to do my own Free Mason charity drive of sorts and organizing "Joes for Joes" where toy collectors currently deployed can still get have their collections maintained while being away from their homes and families.

The idea is to provide some relief for our Troops through an easy gift of a toy. It doesn't have to be a GI Joe or even a toy for that matter..if you know of someone in need, I am proposing to help that person/family out.

I'm going to take this concept to several toy forums once/ if it gets going.

I've all ready "adopted" a Soldier that is currently deployed in Afghanistan and won't be back till August. He was commenting how he'd probably never find the GI Joe Trooper and Zartan from Retaliation by that time, so I sent them off to him. Just a simple act and expense to help put a smile on the face of someone that helps defend our country and freedom.

Let me know if you want to help, have ideas or know someone in need.