DC Universe Azrael Batman Knightfall 2 Pack

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Crazy So just to start off this pack is GREAT, But I cant help but wonder is this a foreshadow in to the new Dark Night Rises Movie, Hard to say but its just seems to fall into place, So lets look at the figures. A re issue of two we already have, I just picked this up in the box on ebay, and seems that some lucky New Yorker has 4, and for 89 bucks some may just pass untill they hit the shelf. But maybe this may even be a ball buster, TRU employees told me today that this will hit the shelf at 40 bucks !!! When all said and done how much are we really going to take from Mattel ?? I would Love to hear your thoughts and comments,

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Is this the red Azbats repaint? I just got one off my regular toy smuggler and wondered where it was from.

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The price of 6" figures has just become ridiculous lately. I know plastic prices, shipping has all gone up since the "glory" days, but it just FEELS wrong. DCUC at $17-$20 each, is just too much. It may be what's necessary to make a profit, but when you see Marvel Legends sell at $15 WITH A BAF part, and unique packaging...it's just too much. When you see something like Transformers with Deluxes at $10-$12 It's even worse. I realize there are other costs and price cuts due to volume...but ultimately when you get to the toy store, you compare it with the other toys that are there and Mattel has consistently offered less for more.

For example take into account the Young Justice at $10, and Marvel Universe at $10..it just doesn't compare with another product that's sitting right next to it.

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I snagged the red Azrael loose off of Ebay for $20 when I saw it was gonna be over $30. Can't wait!

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