Action League: When are the post-Flashpoint waves coming out?

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Finally found some of the Flashpoint wave at the local Kmart (missing the Flash/Freeze one). I have to say that it was a pretty craptacular choice for a lineup (I can see kids being especially disappointed if mom picks up Superman), but then I wasn't a big fan of Flashpoint. I've seen the pics of later waves, including Shazam!, but after having barely found the last couple of waves and not seeing any shelf space in Target or Wal-mart, are these still coming out?

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Honestly, I would try to scoop them up on ebay if you want them. Larfleeze seems to be plentiful; Shazam, not as much, but he pops up about once a week.

Given how Mattel is handling the DC license in general, I wouldn't be surprised to see this last wave get very spotty distribution, if not buried in a warehouse altogether.

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Are these out as like singles? I was looking around eBay and only seeing pictures of Larfleeze and Shazam. What happened to Glomulus?

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The fact that Glomulous hasn't popped up yet is the other reason I think these got canned. He was supposed to come in a pack with Larfleeze – wave six was shown at Toy Fair as an "accessories wave" with Larf and Glom, Bats with a submarine thing, Hal and a gun construct, and Atom and Plastic Man in hang glider form.

Given that these have seemingly sold miserably (I still see wave 3 pegwarming in massive quantities), I can't see Walmart and Target buying anymore. TRU has seemed to support the line, but, again, lots of back inventory of waves 3 and 4 to get through...

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Ugh. I was really looking forward to the two Larfleeze releases Mattel announced last year. With the Allstar version cancelled for now, this is just another Mattel let down. And I'm a persistent defender of what they've done with the DC license.