Anyone know of a good place online to buy 80s toys like Thundercats or Silverhawks?

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Tired of buying off E-bay and just wondered if there was a site/store. Thanks!

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Check our website, we often get vintage toys, and are very particular on condition. We have had Thundercats on the card in the past, as well as vintage Robotech, Buck Rogers, Transformers and whatnot. We also have a money back gurantee, ship everything in a box with a tracking ID, and process any major credit card, as well as ship international. Just google Collecting Heroes.


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Beware with Thundercats, Wiley Kit and Kat were seperated as pack ins with Cheetara and others, but very haphazardly. You wanna make sure you get figures with them included. I think Snarf was consistantly packed in, so no worries there.

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Big Bad Toy Store gets vintage stuff in, but like most stores that sell vintage your mileage will vary.


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