Our Pics of What Toynami was showing at Toy Fair this year.

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So I recently posted new pics on our facebook of what Toynami was showing at Toy Fair. I would have shown these earlier but somehow they got lost among all the pictures we took. I got one of the huge Bender figure everyone was talking about. If produced it would be released as part of the Shogun Warriors line, similar in size to the Shogun Warroiors Go Lion (aka Voltron) vinyl figure that stands 24 inches. The one shown was a prototype and was said to possibly have sping loaded firing hands, although the prototype shown was an early one. Other new items are DC super hero Skelanimals, and new Mameshiba items such as flocked vinly figures, beanie hats, and new plushies. We also are really digging the Spongebob UNKL figures.

- Matt

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