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Hey all!

In anticipation of the upcoming Avengers movie 6" figure line, I've been playing some catch up on previous Marvel Movie figure releases in the 6" format (Iron Man movie stuff, Thor, Cap, etc). I thought it might be fun to add these to our stable of reviews and treat them as sort of a countdown for the Avengers 6" line release. First up- War Machine from the Iron Man 2 6" line!

More pictures and our video review here: http://www.actionfeatures.net/2012/04/toy-talk-review-war-machine-iron-man-2_16.html

(Just to warn those unfamiliar with our video spotlights- Our review style is a bit different than most. Up to this point, we have mostly reviewed the Mattel MOTU Classics... but what we do is put a bunch of pictures of a figure and then my 9-year-old son Blaze and I ramble on about that specific figure in video format. It is fun for us because this is a hobby we share and we feel it is kinda neat to see 2 generations offering their views on a current product. It isn't for everybody though, so I won't be offended if you skip the video and just look at the pics.) Smile




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http://www.youtube.com/motuclassics *Latest Review- War Machine 6" Movie Figure!