One figures accessories displayed by another?

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I know there are limitless's a few cool ideas...

DCUC Samurai sword to ML Nightcrawlwer (soul sword)-Awesome!
ROML Bucky Cap desert eagle pistol to ML Forge or LCSB Judge Dredd
ROML Madame Hydra green needle gun to DCUC Green Lantern (construct)
DCUC Bronze Tiger sword (also Deathstroke sword) to DCUC EL Dorado
DCUC Bronze Tiger staff (also Deathstoke staff) to ML Gambit
ROML Bucky Cap shield to ML Winter Soldier
ML Dr. Doom Luger to ML Face-off Red Skull

Got any idea's folks?

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I felt that Odin from the Thor movie line needed a real weapon so I stole a sword from the pre-Toy Biz Gandalf.

MU Commander Rogers stole Bucky Cap's shield.

Pretty much anyone that can fit in the saddle will be riding my new Battle Cat.

Long before the Alex Ross Justice book, I had an extra DCD Super Powers Aquaman so he got stuck on the lab table for Muppet Labs.



Silfer Surver (not verified)

Whoops!...not anonymous, it's Silfer Surver...any Marvel Legends / DCUC ideas. Puttin' a display up maybe for the first time...need accessory / pose / character unique ideas. Off topic-daggone Philly flyers, and Pittsburgh Comicon next week!