DC Entertainment's Recommendations for Dad and Grad Gifts

April 2012 - DC has sent out this gift guide for Father's Day and graduation gifts...

With Father's Day and graduation season just around the corner, we've compiled a list of books, toys and pop culture items that we think are ideal for gift-giving that are sure to please readers of comic books, graphic novels, and toy collectors.



Why is this book great for dads and grads? While chronicling the first meetings of the World's Greatest Super Heroes, JUSTICE LEAGUE VOLUME ONE: ORIGIN also explores an explosively unique father-son relationship. Struggling to win the approval of his overachieving father, teenager Vic Stone becomes the victim of a lab accident that turns him into the hero CYBORG - which makes him the unwitting key to stopping a parademon invasion of Earth. From New York Times bestselling writer Geoff Johns and legendary artist Jim Lee, the newly re-imagined JUSTICE LEAGUE embraces the age-old quest for parental validation in an all-new way, setting it against the backdrop of some of the most iconic heroes in the DC Comics line-up.

(DC Comics / color / 192 pages / $24.99 HC / on sale May 2, 2012 comic stores, May 8, 2012 everywhere books are sold)


WONDER WOMAN Vol. 1: Blood

Why is this book great for dads? As the writer of WONDER WOMAN, Brian Azzarello has reinvigorated the character along with artist Cliff Chiang (NEIL YOUNG'S GREENDALE). Their collaboration has elevated WONDER WOMAN to be a Top 10 bestselling comic book and the industry's bestselling series with a female lead. By giving Wonder Woman a new origin Azzarello extended her family to include the Greek Gods, bringing in a darker more horror driven aspect to the mythology. And speaking of dads . . . Zeus is now Wonder Woman's father.

(DC Comics / color / 160 pages / $22.99 HC / on sale May 30, 2012 comic stores, June 5, 2012 everywhere books are sold)

ANIMAL MAN Vol. 1: The Hunt

Buddy Baker is the ultimate "super" dad—a family man and a super hero—but is he strong enough to hold his family together when Maxine, his young daughter, starts to manifest her own dangerous powers? Written by Jeff Lemire (SWEET TOOTH) with art by Travel Foreman, things take a turn for the worse, as these new abilities continue to terrify Buddy, his wife Ellen and their son Cliff.

(DC Comics / color / 144 pages / $14.99 PBK / on sale May 2, 2012 comic stores, May 8, 2012 everywhere books are sold)


Why are these books great for grads? (Everyone enjoys a great Batman story.)

BATMAN Vol. 1: The Court of Owls

Over the past two years, writer Scott Snyder has emerged as one of the preeminent voices in the comic book industry. First making a name for himself as the creator of AMERICAN VAMPIRE for Vertigo, he has also written some of the most talked about and admired Batman stories of the last decade. With superstar artist Greg Capullo (SPAWN), Snyder has begun an epic tale that will have BATMAN face off against a new villain.

(DC Comics / color / 176 pages / $24.99 HC / on sale May 9, 2012 comic stores, May 15, 2012 everywhere books are sold)

BATMAN: Death By Design

An original graphic novel from wunderkind writer, graphic designer and Batman aficionado Chip Kidd with art by Dave Taylor, BATMAN: Death by Design is a mix of mystery, architectural design, and includes appearances by some classic Batman villains.

(DC Comics / spot color / 112 pages / $24.99 HC / on sale May 30, 2012 comic stores, June 5, 2012 everywhere books are sold)


DC Comics–The New 52 was THE entertainment story of 2011! Now comes the first action figures in an ongoing line based on Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's best-selling JUSTICE LEAGUE! Leading the way is the revamped Batman, available in May, and Green Lantern and Aquaman, available in June.

This June, DC Direct will offer an extensive line-up of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES collectibles based on characters from the highly-anticipated upcoming Warner Bros. film. The line includes statues and busts based on iconic characters from the film including Batman, Catwoman and Bane.

  • THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Icon – 13" resin statue

  • THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Catwoman Icon – 7" resin statue

  • THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Bane Icon – 12.5" resin statue

  • THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Bust – 6.5" resin

  • THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Catwoman Bust – 6" resin

  • THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Bane Bust – 6.25" resin


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