Help with Movie Night suggestions

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My friends and I do themed Movie Nights at least once a month, typically something ridiculous. I'm trying to put together one I'm calling "Horror" in Space, which is going to be movies of established horror franchises that inexplicably go into space. So far I have:

1) Jason X
2) Lepracaun 4
3) Dracula 3000

I know Dracula 3000 isn't actually a sequel, but they were trying to capture fans of Dracula 2000. Plus we typically put the most painful movie as the last one to try and motivate people to go home as it's usually well into the AM by then.

So I need a fourth movie. There is a Hellraiser in space but I'm thinking it won't have any sense of irony, intentional or otherwise. Critters 4 may be my only option but I'd rather not since the Critters are from space making their presence in space understandable.

So, suggestions?


- CP