Saw the Batman/Catwoman 2-packs to Walmarts - Fenton, MI

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2 of each version, gray pair and colorized 2-packs. Did not see the price stickers
anywhere, but guessing they are around the 31.99 each level. Passed, for at least

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They've been hitting TRU in King of Prussia, PA for a few weeks. Not selling too fast but as of today they had sold out the gray one that was hanging there. TRU is also consistently receiving the case with singles of Batman and Catwoman, but hasn't received Harley or Nightwing. Not sure what's going on at Target. They haven't restocked Batman Legacy since right after Christmas. Singles and 2-packs have been almost totally sold out at all Targets since then. One Target removed the peg for 2-packs but all the others put up rollback stickers to $31.99 for them, usually on empty pegs.

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The Batman Legacy case is 2x Batman, 2x Catwoman, 1x Nightwing, & 1x Harley. At least that's the case assortment Target has received.

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I've seen an assortment with two each of Nightwing and Harley and one each of Batman and Catwoman.

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Found Harley & Nightwing at 2 Targets today. First I'd seen them. Harley looks great. Nightwing doesn't look bad. Still haven't seen the Catwoman 2 packs.