Looking for robot parts for Portal 2 custom figures

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I'm looking to make custom figures from my favorite game of the year, Portal 2. I'm going to make them in my standard JLU Animated style, but I'm looking for parts from other lines and I hoped you all could help!

I've got plenty of ideas for the main character, Chell (though if anybody knows of a perfect Portal Gun base, I'm open to suggestions!) I've also been considering making the two bots from the 2 player mode, Atlas and P-Body. I figure I'll have to sculpt the cores from scratch, but I was hoping I could find some robot appendages to attach for arms and legs. My initial thought was some kind of Star Wars droid, but I don't know the line(Drunk well enough to pick a good one. I'm obviously open to other lines too. They don't have to be perfect, as I can sand/sculpt to match, but something kinda close would be great. Anybody have any ideas? I've included a link below for visual reference.

Atlas and P-Body

Thanks in advance buzzers!