ML 2012 Captain Buckimerica is amazing!

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I tried to hold off on buying him online..I really wanted to wait and find him at retail.

However, Bucky has joined the ranks of Darth Maul, AzBats, Storm Shadow and Commander Olmos Adama as one of my all-time favorite characters.

I saw some reviews, realized Wave 2 would never be found easily here in the Northeast and bought him from Toywiz.

That being said, the figure is just beautiful. The sculpt, the paint, articulation..everything. This figure is so awesome it actually makes me appreciate the MU version more, as it looks almost identical in sculpt.

While I won't buy all the ML's, I will have no problem buying the characters I like despite the price increase.

Thank you Hasbro!!


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I know how you feel. I'm trying to just put the MU Nighthawk out of my mind until that wave hits retail, but it's hard. The thought that I'll FINALLY have a complete team of my favorite Defenders is mind-boggling. I keep telling myself I can wait...I can wait... . Smile