JAKKS Pacific 2012 Boys Toys Highlights

February 2012 - JAKKS Pacific

Train World™

All aboard! JAKKS Pacific modernizes a classic play pattern with a new line of realistic, motorized toy trains at an affordable price point, called Train World™. The line of small-scale trains have realistic proportions and detailing, just like the collector versions, but at a budget-friendly price that today's kids can easily collect without paying top dollar collector prices.

Begin building your Train World with the Train World Motorized Train Set which includes a motorized train with one car, caboose and complete train track loop. Kids can select from three different styles of trains: diesel, bullet and metro. (SRP $9.99) The Train World Themed Car Packs includes four cars that connect to any train, world engine, or rail cars. (SRP $7.99)

Kids can build a huge, expanded track layout with the Train World Deluxe Set. This track includes bridges, track switches and a motorized-engine train. (SRP $19.99)

The Train World Mega Station Set is the ultimate track set! It includes a track with tunnels, an auto loader, train station, track intersection and an exclusive, motorized-engine train. (SRP $39.99) Bring your Train World to life with these Train World Action Accessories mini play sets. This set includes a conveyor belt, crain and auto carrier that connects to the track. (SRP $12.99)

For trains that need more tracks, kids can extend their Train World tracks with the Train World Track Packs that provides 12-16 piece of extra track to build a complete loop for many courses. (SRP $8.99), Ages 5+


With two Marvel blockbuster movies coming out this summer, Marvels The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, young fans of Marvel Super Heroes can choose from an array of role-play dress up, figures, and plush items from JAKKS Pacific and CDI based on the top properties.

The Marvel Super Hero Squad Collector Plush are 7.5" soft-bodied collectibles that feature the most popular Marvel Super Hero Squad characters, including the Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. (SRP $9.99-12.99)

Now you can pose your favorite Super Hero! The Marvel Super Hero Squad Large Plush characters stand 12" tall and have bendable arms and legs that can hold your favorite Super Hero pose! Available characters include Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man - collect all three! (SRP $14.99-19.99)

For an extra large dose of Super Hero fun, pick up the Iron Man and Spider-Man Marvel Super Hero Squad XL Plush! With bendable arms and legs that can hold various action poses, the Marvel Super Hero Squad XL Plush will be a hit with all Super Hero fans. (SRP $19.99-29.99)

Looking for a way to have a Super Hero by your side at all times? The Marvel Super Hero Squad Clip On Plush characters feature a 4.5" stylized plush Super Hero with sculpted Super Hero Squad clip that attaches onto backpacks, totes bags, belts and more. The line features the most popular Marvel Super Hero Squad characters, including the Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. (SRP $4.99-7.99)

All Marvel Super Hero Squad plush products from JAKKS come with a special coin with code to unlock interactive features on the online site, www.heroup.com. Ages 4+

CDI is your one stop shop for everything little ones need to transform into their favorite Marvel Super Heroes! CDI's The Amazing Spider-Man Dress Up Sets and The Avengers Dress Up Sets come complete with full body costumes and injection molded masks (SRP $14.99), Ages 3+. Whether it's Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America or the Incredible Hulk, CDI has the top Super Heroes from this summer's biggest blockbuster movies.

Introducing CDI's new 2.5" Collectible Figures! With highly detailed sculpts and poses pulled from memorable scenes in Marvel's The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, these figures are sure to grab the attention of adult collectors and young fans alike! Web Slinging Spider-Man, The Lizard, Iron Man in Mark VII Suit and The Incredible Hulk are a few of the 20 unique figures in the collection.

Marvel's The Avengers 2.5" Figure 2-Packs and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.5" Figure 2-Packs hit shelves this summer (SRP $3.99). Marvel's The Avengers 2.5" Figure 5-Packs include exclusive figures and diorama packaging with scene-specific backgrounds. (SRP $5.99), Ages 5+


Pokémon®, one of the top kids entertainments brands over the past 15 years, continues its successful franchise in 2012. Following on the launch of the hit video game, Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version, JAKKS Pacific is expanding its successful toy line in 2012 which brings to life the experience of a Pokémon Trainer: to catch, train and battle Pokémon in a quest to become a Pokémon Champion!

Throughout 2012, JAKKS will launch new figures and plush with all new Pokémon characters featured in the popular Black and White TV series, movies, video games and trading cards. This will be incorporated into many of the best selling toy lines including 3" Figures, Attack Figures, Mini Plush, Reversible Plush, Throw Poké Balls and the Pop 'n Battle Launchers and Pokémon Catchers from the popular skill and action line launched last year.

Now, you can also train and battle your Pokémon in the Unova Region forest with the new Forest Battle Playset, available this Spring. The playset features a special motorized target base that works with all 3" figures. When the base is successfully hit with an attack disk, the Pokémon figure pops off in battle. Includes an attack figure and shooting base, 4 attack discs, target base and an additional 3" figure. The playset connects to the City Battle Playset for double the size and battling fun! (SRP $24.99)

Fans of all ages will be able to accessorize and style their backpack, wardrobe, purses and other items with the new Pokémon On The Go Plush Clip-Ons! These plush clip-ons feature stylized designs of the most popular Black & White characters, and will be available in Fall 2012. They also include a feature that causes the Pokémon to shake and move when the clip-on string is pulled. (SRP $5.99) Ages 4+

Scatter Brainz™

Scatter Brainz is a crazy twist on the classic game of darts featuring collectible deranged character darts with soft, gummy exposed brains that stick to virtually any surface. Throw Scatter Brainz darts or blast them from the Scatter Brainz Brain Bazooka launcher for unlimited fun and game play. Every Scatter Brainz character dart has a unique personality such as Silent B. Dudley the Ninja or Medusa Oblongata the Monster! And each dart is collectible-with a common, rare, or ultra rare rating! These collectible darts feature levels of collectibility from common, rare, ultra-rare and even exclusive.

The Scatter Brainz Dart 3-pack comes with one visible and two blind characters (with a chance to find a rare or ultra rare dart!) as well as a 1 of 8 collectible game board targets. (SRP $4.99) The Scatter Brainz Dart 8-pack features two visible darts, one of which will be an exclusive. Rare or ultra rare darts could be hidden among the other six. The 8-pack also comes with 1 of 8 collectible game board targets to test out your aim! (SRP $9.99)

If you don't feel like tossing your Scatter Brainz darts at the target, blast them with the Scatter Brainz Brain Bazooka. Choose from two different themes with two exclusive darts in each package. The launcher has a rotating chamber that can hold five Scatter Brainz darts and accurately blast them up to 15 feet! (SRP $14.99) What do you do when you have so many Scatter Brainz that you can't contain them all? Pick up the Scatter Brainz Mental Case! These carry cases open up to reveal a spinning backboard to use with the game board targets (4 included) so you can practice your aim on the go. Holds up to 50 darts and includes four exclusive characters and game board targets that you won't find anywhere else! (SRP $19.99), Ages 5+

S.L.U.G. Zombies®

JAKKS Pacific is delivering collectability and fun like never before with its new lineup of 2" figures called S.L.U.G. ZOMBIES Scary Little Ugly Guys™. Each Zombie features wacky names and stories, such as Neil Armgone, Grave Lincoln and Braineatin' Brandon. Kids will love to collect and play with these unique figures! Choose from single blind packs ($1.99), 3-packs ($3.99) and coffin-shaped 12-packs ($9.99). With over 100 figures to collect this year alone, S.L.U.G. Zombies is a craze that won't die! Ages 5+

Men In Black 3

Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones return as Agents J and K in the third installment of the sci-fi action comedy blockbuster series, Men In Black. Leading U.S. toymaker JAKKS Pacific has the worldwide master toy license for the third movie and products will hit shelves in Spring of 2012 to coincide with the film's May 25, 2012 worldwide release.

Collect your favorite heroes and villains from the upcoming movie with the MIB3 4" Figures with Small Accessory. Watch as each accessory transforms into something unexpected for added play value. Agent J comes with a ring accessory that transforms into a Sonic Drifter. Agent K comes with a ring accessory that transforms into an Alien Orbiter. (SRP $8.99) Enrich your role-play experience with the MIB3 4" Figures with Large Accessory. Agent J comes with a Neuralyzer that transforms into a Hover Cannon. Agent K's Noisy Cricket transforms into a Cosmic Hopper! (SRP $14.99)

Who is everyone's favorite four-legged MIB agent? Frank the Pug! Now you can have your very own wise-cracking partner with the Frank the Pug 6" Talking Plush. Complete with fun phrases straight from the movies, this soft plush comes wearing his signature suit and tie. The perfect companion for all agents trying to protect the earth from the scum of the universe! (SRP $11.99 - $14.99), Ages 4+

Creative Designs International, a division of JAKKS Pacific, has creative fun and interactive role play toys for increased aspirational play. Squeeze the gross MIB3 Alien Slime Figures and watch the slime ooze out! Slime goes back inside the figure for storage. (SRP $4.99) Zap evil villains with the MIB3 Mini Blaster. Features lights and sounds that are activated when you press the trigger (SRP $4.99)

Pick up your very own MIB3 Electronic Neuralyzer, just like the one you see in the movie! Press buttons to activate different light and sound features, including Will Smith's voice. (SRP $9.99) Everything you need to become an MIB secret agent! The MIB3 Secret Agent Role-Play Set includes toy gun with light and sound features, dark shades to disguise your identity and an ID badge to get into off-limit rooms! (SRP $14.99)

Keep in touch with your fellow agents with the MIB3 Walkie-Talkie Communicators. These high-tech, stylish and hands-free walkie-talkie communicators will make you feel like you just stepped out of the movie! (SRP $14.99) The big bad gun from the new movie! The MIB3 Light and Sound Atomizer features electronic blasting sounds, pulsing lights and rotating gun barrel to scare off any evil villains! (SRP $24.99), Ages 5+

The Smurfs

Following the success of the hit 2011 movie, The Smurfs, JAKKS Pacific has expanded on its toy line to incorporate more of your favorite characters and movie scenes!

Now you can collect all of your favorite Smurfs in various sizes! The Smurfs Movie Grab Ems Figure Pack features some of your favorite characters with different poses and outfits straight from popular scenes in the movie. Dozens of new figures to collect for 2012, including Papa Smurf, Smurfette and Brainy. All figures work with the Smurfs Adventure Theme Packs and Smurfs 2-in-1 Feature Play Set. Collect them all! (SRP $3.99) Also available is a Movie Grab Ems 2-Pack Assortment with over 24 different figures to collect in 2012, such as Clumsy, Grouchy and Hefty Smurf! (SRP $6.99)

The highly detailed and collectible Smurfs 7.5" Bean Bag Plush are a great gift for Smurf fans with an affordable price point and featuring 12 new characters in 2012. (SRP $7.99) The Smurfs 11" Basic Plush Assortment adds even more fun and excitement with 12 new characters ready to be your cuddly plush friends (SRP $9.99). And now, two more of your favorite Smurfs, Gutsy and Clumsy Smurf, are available Jumbo sized! (SRP $29.99)

Relive your favorite scenes from the blockbuster movie, Smurfs in 3D, with the Smurf Movie Moments Adventure Gift Packs, which include one 2.75" Smurfs figure and large accessories for countless adventures. New playsets for 2012 include favorites like Clumsy, Handy and Brainy Smurf. (SRP $14.99) Ages 5+