JAKKS Pacific 2012 Girls Toys Highlights

February 2012 - JAKKS Pacific

Winx Club

Winx Club, the hot new Nickelodeon show, is an animated modern fantasy adventure series that follows six best friends – Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Aisha – enrolled in Alfea College, the finest fairy school in all the realms. When trouble arises, the Winx Club transform into beautiful fairies who use their unique magical powers to fight villains and save the world from evil. Now you can collect all the fairies and relive their magical adventures with the new line of dolls, play sets and role-play items from JAKKS Pacific and Creative Designs International!

The 11.5" Basic Fashion Dolls feature the Winx Club girls in their fashion-forward 'everyday' outfits straight from the show. With seven points of articulation and a beauty brush included, you can style your friends for a fabulous night out. Available in two Collections, Concert and Everyday. (SRP $12.99) The 11.5" Deluxe Fashion Dolls feature the six friends with eleven points of articulation, super deluxe trend-setting outfits and spectacular hinged wings showcasing beautiful Believix style. (SRP $19.99)

Girls can rock out with their Winx Club dolls on the Winx Club Rock Concert Stage. Complete with music, sounds and an exclusive Bloom doll, it's a great place for a Winx Club concert. (SRP $39.99)

A must-have for all Winx Club fans, the Magic Wing Bloom Feature Doll allows you to be in control of Bloom's Believix transformation! Place Bloom in the Transformation Station, slide the lever to see magical lights, hear the Believix song and see Bloom spin as her wings attach and she transforms into a Believix fairy. With your help, she can fly off onto her next thrilling adventure. (SRP $29.99)

Offering all the best in girl power is our new line up of Winx Club 3.75" Action Dolls, available in Believix and Concert themes. With nine points of articulation and fine details, these mini dolls are super poseable, highly collectible and each comes with an accessory. (SRP $7.99) The Winx Club 3.75" Action Dolls are perfect to play with on the Winx Club Frutti Music Bar Playset. This cool, iconic environment features music, a dance stage, a transformation chamber and a place to shoot dragon flame/fire? powers and battle evil villains. (SRP $29.99)

Building on the diverse Winx Club doll line, Creative Designs International (CDI) has created a beautiful assortment of musical toys, role-play dresses and fairy wings for girls who want to transform themselves into their favorite Winx Club character.

With all new original Winx Club music backed by Nickelodeon's star talent, CDI has created fabulous products to bring out the inner rock star in all Winx Club fans. Practice your moves before you head to the Frutti Music Bar! The Winx Club Dance Mat allows you to dance to the beat of three signature Winx Club songs. Icons light up on the console to show you where to step on the mat. Comes with speakers, three tempos and volume control. The perfect gift for any aspiring dancer! (SRP $29.99)

Rock out with your very own Winx Club Rock Star Guitar! The signature guitar shape and built-in Winx Club songs are perfect to play along to. Guitar features light up strings and neck; as well as bass, drum and keyboard buttons for more interactive fun! Also includes guitar pick necklace that you can play your guitar with. Style the guitar to make it your very own with trendy stickers, included. (SRP $29.99)

Sing along to your favorite Winx Club song with the Winx Club Rock Star Microphone! A Winx Club song is already built into the mic or you can plug in your MP3 player to sing along with your favorite songs. Glitter printed wing designs make this microphone edgy and fabulous! (SRP $14.99)

The Winx Club Believix Dress Assortment comes in styles modeled after the dresses Bloom, Stella and Flora wear on the show. Bold colors, deluxe fabrics and fashion-forward designs make these a must-have for all Winx Club fans! (SRP $19.99) Add to the beauty of the Winx Club role-play dresses with the Winx Club Sparkling Wings Assortment, featuring iconic, deluxe Believix wing designs with prints signature to Bloom, Stella and Flora. Girls will fall in love with the glitter prints and bold colors! (SRP $9.99)

A fabulous tutu and beautiful set of fairy wings all in one? Fantastic! The Transforming Tutu Assortment magically transforms from chic skirt into Believix tutu complete with gorgeous wings! Comes in four signature styles: Bloom, Aisha, Stella and Flora. (SRP $19.99), Ages 4+

Cabbage Patch Kids®

JAKKS Pacific focuses on back-to-basics play with Cabbage Patch Kids Babies. The Cabbage Patch Kids Babies offer the ultimate nurturing play for young girls and boys. With six different fashion styles in a large variety of hair and eye colors, silky hair and removable fashions, little mommies will love caring for their newly adopted Babies! Maintaining high standards of quality, each Cabbage Patch Baby comes in his or her own pajamas or onesie outfit, matching blanket and special CPK cabbage leaf, bottle and pacifier. Also includes a birth certificate with one-of-a-kind-name, birth date and adoption papers. (SRP $29.99) Ages 2-5

Hello Kitty®

New for 2012 is Hello Kitty Fashion Wear, a line of soft fashion plush that allow girls to dress up and play with Hello Kitty in a whole new way! These adorable 11" plush dolls feature fashionable shoes and removable clothes. Styles include Ballet Dress, Sporty and Daytime. (SRP $14.99) Hello Kitty Fashion Packs let you change Hello Kitty's style every day with 5 fashion outfits including Prepster, Cheerleader and Rainy Day. (SRP $7.99), Ages 4+


Furry animal friends that magically pop into slippers! Create instant, cozy, comfortable footwear from plush companions with one quick adjustment. Five varieties include Bront the dinosaur, Taffy the pink kitty, Mazzie the unicorn, Fletch the puppy, and Ranger the bear. (SRP $19.99), Ages 2+

3Versible® Blanket

Kids are constantly changing their minds on a variety of decisions, so what if one product could flip as quickly as kids can flop? Creative Designs International, a division of JAKKS Pacific, has created a product that is functional, entertaining and versatile with the new 3versible Blanket, a multifunctional, cozy fleece blanket with three unique designs to suit any mood. With two layers and an extra design on the back, it's like having three different blankets in one. Sized at 50"x35", it is perfect for sleeping, picnics and going to the beach! (SRP $19.99), Ages 3+