Does TRU accept returns without a receipt?

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I somehow managed to pick up a few extra 30th Iron Grenadiers & cannot find my receipt. Will TRU take them back? I'm cool w/store credit knowing I will use it.

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Joined: 2012-01-03

Nope. Not anymore. No receipt, no return. WalMart is pretty much the only place that'll take stuff without a receipt anymore. So...I'd say take them there, and save yourself a trip.

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I've heard TRU clerks tell customers that they can look it up if you scanned your Rewards Card at the time.

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Yes, but they will only give you Geoffry Bucks which can only be spent on select items, like Swedish Fish.

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Sometimes they can look up the sale by the credit card you used or if you gave a phone number if you don't have the rewards card. Either way good luck.

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I've had some stores take items back so long as they are current and in the system, for store credit/gift cards.

Now is a good time to do it after the holidays.