Happy Birthday Mom Racer!

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Once again One of the most loved Mom's of RTM is having a Birthday.
Shes 31 today so Happy Birthday Mom Racer!


6 Strings.....Ready To Go.

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Happy Birthday!!!

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OWCH! Run for your LIFE, WR! You've got Bobbi mad at you 'cause you called another woman one of the best-loved Moms here, AND you gave away Mom's age!

RUN, I say! Wink

Happy Birthday, Mom Racer! Smile

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And Bobbi? I'm glad you liked this card! I've got the whole set up on my blog, if you wanna see 'em! Smile


Check out my blog! Smile


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Thanks guys, and no worries Gernot. You do realize that WR was joking (far too kindly and generously) about my age, right?! ;o)

Put it this way: my daughter turns 20 next month, and I wasn't exactly 11 when she was born... (lol!)