So, how were your holidays?

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Joined: 2012-01-03 were they? What'd you get?

Everyone knows what a Bat-Freak I am, so it was a very Bat-centric Christmas for me.

I got:

DC Direct Batman Inc. Series 1
DC Direct Arkham City Series 1
Batman fleece pajama pants
Batman Year One on Blu-Ray
Batman the Animated series volume 1 on DVD
Arkham City
WWE '12
It's A Wonderful Life on Blu-Ray
Uncharted 3:Collector's Edition
And of course gift cards galore.

And my wife got a Keurig which I have been using the hell out of. lol

And then we did the family thing where I dropped my 5 year old cousin on his head, and was bit by a pot-bellied pig. Yay for dysfunctional families!

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My holiday was Muppet-centric thanks to my way enjoying the new movie.

Palisades Swedish Chef and Muppet Kitchen
The Muppet Show season 1 and 2
Ipod case with Animal's face on it

Thor Destroyer figure
and there's an MU Astonishing Wolverine figure somewhere within my parents house that will be mine when they find it again.

Scored some good stuff through my son having similar interests as well
WWE Steel Cage Match ring with Kofi Kingston and Sheamus additional figures
and the Thundertank




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Not too many "toys" this year:

Walmart Crime Syndicate set
A couple board and video games

All my "toys" were big ones - iPhone and new car. Laughing out loud


Insert witty comment or quote here.

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Does anyone else read that and have Don Pardo's voice in your head for the "new car" part?


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Since I am typing this on my iPad, I'd say I did well! Every time I opened a present, I would jokingly look at my daughter and say, "this must be my iPad." Imagine my surprise when my wife hands me one more present and it was an iPad! (imagine what my wife was thinking every time I open a present and proclaimed it was an iPad... Whoops! Luckily, she still gave it to me!).

I've just started playing with it and I feel liberated from sitting in front on my computer already!