any opinions on the Tweet button on forum posts?

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I use Twitter a lot, so I really like it when there is a tweet button on an article I want to share. With that in mind, I wanted to have the tweet button on the new site (it's on the bottom of the page on the old version of the site).

For forum threads, it shows up in the top post. But are forum threads really anything that people would be tweeting?

I had tried adding the Facebook buttons to the forum, but with the way this software is set up, the Facebook stuff goes under the content and that placement was looking strange with sig files down there already, so I left the Facebook stuff off the forum.

Any opinions?

If no one cares either way, I might just take it off the forum posts because it does look a bit distracting up there by itself. At least on articles/press releases, people are already trained from other sites to see it on there somewhere. On the forum it is starting to remind me of when you get an ad inserted into the top post of a thread.

--- Bobbi

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I rarely Twitter.....tweeterz...whatever it is. So, I'm indifferent, personally.

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I hardly ever use twitter, but I use facebook a LOT.


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I don`t use twitter that much. But all my friends seem to. My life just isn't as interesting right now and I hate tweeting about mundane things like what I had for breakfast.