Out Of Control Toy Buying Habit! HELP!

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I can't stop buying toys! My kids are little and they love anything we get them but I seem to take the cake when it comes to buying toys for myself. it may seem to everyone that I'm buying them for my kids. And they actually do wind up playing with them but I'm really buying them because I want them!
Recently because I have a 4 year old who watched Nick Jr. I've started looking at the toys from the TV shows.
You would think the toys would be simple molds with few moving parts etc. But these toys are actually really cool.
Very detailed - well made toys. I tried to start a channel where I could do review on the toys but that is one of the hardest things I've tried to do , very hard to get anyone to look but while doing the toy previews I got caught up in buying every new toy that came out. I have been talking to local charities about donating them but it turns out that most charities do not accept open used toys - ?
I would keep them but I'm literallty running out of room in my house!!
Anyway...how did any toy obsessed forum members kick your toy buying habit?? Smile