Zombie Lab action figure Kickstarter

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This KickStarter campaign is for a line of 3 3/4" zombies and human survivors.

They apparently passed their initial funding goal in like 8 hrs, which is pretty impressive. Granted, their initial goal was like half that of the 2nd Mythic Legions KS which also met their initial goal on day one, but considering this is a new line from a new(ish) company rather than a continuation of an established property from the Four Horsemen, it's a heck of a start.

This is the first figure line from this company, but all the sculpting was done by Boss Fight Studios and the figures use their HACKS system, so parts are interchangeable within this line and between this line and the stuff Boss Fight has released themselves, which includes articulated skeletons (hell-oooo customizers).

I think the success of this campaign is helped by the fact that almost all of the figures are civilians rather than it being just another run of 4" soldiers. Also, the zombies all come with extra parts (again, interchangeable with other figures) that let you make them look more rotten and falling apart.

The cost per figure is a little higher than usual for this scale (on a par with what Boss Fight's Spartans and gorgons went for in their KS), but the figures are well articulated, nicely accessorized and have interchangeable parts. And the per-figure cost drops off if you go the All-In route (4 additional figures and a 10-pack of extra heads have been unlocked so far).