Comic Monster Hunt serie with exploding werewolves

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Hello guys i have a big problem i search now since 2009 after one werewolf comic

Hello i seach a Monster Hunter comic including werewolves/ lycanthrope

The Monsters in the Comic was Vampirs , Trolls , (zombies) they where hunted and killed by Humans.

The Comic is in "color" and the drawing style is from 1995-2009.

I know that the Werewolves in Issu 2 of the Monster Hunter comic appear .

The Werewolves was in anthro form (like all normal werewolves [Not this Twilight things])

i know that the Werewolves , attacking some Teenager in a Hotel or House, but they dont have any weapon , only silver Spoons, forks, knives,

And after the Werewolves hit from Spoons, forks, knives , they Exploding.

In the Last Pictures you see a lot of Heads , foots , arms in the room..

in one of the many comic cover A Cover B Cover or so , we see the teenager on a mountain of dead monsters, but there are only 2 types of monsters.

Werewolves and (Green or Blue)trolls

I hope someone can help me,i ask in Horror Comic Forum ,i search in the normal Internet and i search here really long time.

The Artist of this Comic had example /unfinished Pages in his Gallery ,but i dont had watch him or Fav his Work.

I search now since 2009 i hope someone can tell me any comic with Monster and Werewolves

I search now 5 years and need your help i think if u cant help me, nobody can help me =(