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Received two new goodies in the mail today:
American Comics Characters Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi #002 - Spider-Man
Miracle Action Figure EX - MAFEX - No.020 Hulkbuster

Spider-Man was never one of my favorite silver age super-heroes, although I loved Steve Ditko dearly. Nonetheless, I haven't kept a running count, but I must have 3 dozen Spidey figures (various scales) standing on or hanging from my shelves...not to mention a few magnetized to my fridge. I tell myself I'm seeking the "definitive" Spidey; that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
This Kaido Spidey is an odd duck. He's a tad over 6", though nowhere near as tall as a Marvel Select figure. Exceptionally nice sculpt & bright colors! This is a splendid comic version, not some modern movie iteration. He comes...not with several different heads...but with several different EYES that allow different expressions. Also four different pairs of hands, assorted web accessories, replacement pegs, and stand options (including a magnetic one).
I find him "odd" in that he is extremely, though a bit awkwardly, articulated. With a little effort, he can be posed in every one of Spidey's signature positions. His joints, however, are far from concealed...they are blatant...and somewhat obtrusive. His shoulder joints, in particular, allow a tremendous range of motion, but the price paid is that his arms seem barely connected to his torso. Still, he's growing on me.

I really hate Marvel's & DC's live action movies, for so many reasons. I really despise the "realistic redesign" of the original characters & their costumes. (If Hot Toys would like my dollar they should run out a few dozen "Kirby Klassix" versions of the silver age FF, X-Men, Thor, Shell-Head, Giant-Man/Wasp, etc.) The Avengers Ultron flick stunk a bit less than some of its contemporaries, IMO. Just as I became strangely enamored with the Armored Batman from the DOJ Superman vs. Batman outing (Ben Affleck looked far too porky in the "regular" togs), I found the Hulkbuster Iron Man a character I wanted in my collection. I passed over earlier versions, such as the Legends BAF and vinyl jobs...finally settling on the Medicom HB. There are and will be several other competing versions on the market:

  • RE:EDIT Iron Man #05 Hulkbuster By Sentinel
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron 1/12 Scale Die-Cast Figure - Iron Man Mark XLIV Hulkbuster By Comicave Studios
  • The Avengers Age of Ultron Marvel S.H. Figuarts Chogokin - Hulkbuster By Bandai Japan
  • 1/6 Scale Avengers Age of Ultron Movie Masterpiece Figure - 21" Iron Man Hulkbuster By Hot Toys (1:6 scale...HUGE)

These rivals cost between $50-$500 more than the Medicom one! Some look exactly like the Medicom version, as far as I can tell, but have more diecast parts and/or lights, I suppose. I'm happy with the one I opted to get, and can't see how or why some of these others might be worth THAT much more, but YMMV. The Medicom HB is mostly metalized plastic with plenty of useful articulation for such an otherwise hulking design. I like his articulated fingers & feet! HB stands very well on his own, which is a good thing, since he comes with no stand. Weighing ~5lbs he would go to pieces if he dove off a shelf! He also comes with a 1:12 Iron Man head you can swap out with the HB head, if you'd prefer to display him that way.
I was/am tempted to get the Bandai Japan Hulkbuster also for ~$500...but think I'll wait a few weeks or months to see whether this feeling goes away on its own. Love