DC "Icons" 2-minute review

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Just received 3 DC Icons figures: Bronze Age Green Arrow, (New 52?) Mr. Miracle, and Deadman. These are all nice enough, although so far I find DC Universe Classics a better product overall. All three of these DCIs have already been produced in the DCUC lines, although the DCUC Mr. Miracle was at least recognizable. The DCI Mr. Miracle has a snazzy metallic paint job, but only bears a passing resemblance to Kirby's character.

Alas...yet another scale, totally incompatible with every other action figure line on my shelves! These DCIs are being marketed as 6" figures, but seem more like 5.5" to me. DCUCs clocked in at about 6.5" according to my ruler. Furthermore, DCIs are extremely skinny. These DCIs all feature double-jointed elbows & knees, as well as rocker ankles. The shoulder & hip joints have a decent range of poseability, but the heads don't move much in any direction. None of these three features a waist joint, or any visible cut joints, which is fine with me. None of these guys came with a stand, although they all have holes in their heels to accommodate a stand of some sort; they are reasonably stable standing unassisted. They each came with accessories...mainly alternate gripping(?) hands. (They ship with the usual, tiresome "fist" hands installed.)

Green Arrow - I preferred the Golden Age GA, personally. At least his "Christmassy colors" didn't suggest such an unimaginative rip-off of Robin Hood. (Even worse, Marvel's Hawkeye seemed to be a GA rip-off!) One must suspend disbelief a bit to appreciate most superheroes, but the idea of some ordinary guy fending off alien invaders with a bow & quiver of arrows is pushing it too far! The DCUC version is superior to the emaciated DCI Green Arrow...better sculpt all around, nicer bow, molded arrows in quiver. DCI GA comes with a plain brown long bow & several "normal" arrows...no boxing glove arrows. He comes with enough spare arrows to fill his quiver, at least. His head does turn, but his hood does not...looks silly. To be fair, both the DCI & DCUC GAs can only marginally hold their bow & arrows in a "ready to fire" position.

Mr. Miracle - Comes with 2 translucent yellow flight disks, which serve as his stand. I replaced his fists with his "claw" hands, although these cannot securely grasp his mother box cube. His cape has unrealistic dimensions.

Deadman - Not my favorite character, and not a horrible figure, but the DCUC one is better. Aside from alternate grasping hands (although DM comes with nothing to grasp) he comes with a soft vinyl (bound to dry out & disintegrate) "ectoplasmic hood" that can be draped over other DCIs, indicating that Deadman has taken control of their bodies.

DCI Batman (yawn) was also released with these guys, but for now I couldn't bring myself to buy yet another BM figure, much less a "New 52" one (although BM & DCI Supes look about the same as always). I was curious about this new DCI line, but aside from Atomika, I doubt I'll buy any more DCIs. YMMV, of course.