At Long Last: 1:18 diecast Black Beauty

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In case you have $200 to blow, may I suggest the recent 1:18 Black Beauty car model from the 1966 Green Hornet TV show? The hood & all four doors open. Rubber tires. (Front tires turn.)

It's about 13-inches long, with very nice details & sleek finishes for what is essentially an all-black Chrysler Imperial. I was hoping the recent Seth GH movie would spawn larger scale, diecast Black Beauties...but no.

There are only 2 downsides to this recent model, IMHO:

  1. All BB's weapons are in a permanently-open mode. In other words, all the guns & missiles cannot be retracted & concealed by some hinged or sliding panel. The example that bothers me most is the "opening" for the drone atop the trunk.
  2. The interior of the BB is lacking Kato's central control console, as well as the GH's back-seat car-phone, etc. It's nicely appointed (even has carpet), but is just an Imperial inside.

There have been SEVERAL larger 1966 Batmobile models since 1966, but I've been awaiting this diecast Green Hornet car model forever...mine has a serial number in the 5000s.